A new look for snacks!

Raspberry fruit decoration Stawberry fruit decoration
A new look for snacks!
At New Forest Fruit we are fully committed to making a positive impact on the environment with everything we do, whether that’s with our ‘table top’ growing technique that uses less water, our on-site solar farm which provides a renewable energy source or even our wildlife corridors, which support the natural biosphere. 
With the impact on the environment in mind, and our continuous effort in making a positive difference, we recently trialled a biodegradable option for our New Forest Fruit Snacks packaging. Disappointingly, this option wasn’t the right fit for this product as it is today. However, not a team to give up at the first hurdle, we are currently working on this and hope to introduce biodegradable packaging at some stage in the future… 
🍓 Watch this space! 🍓
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