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Welcome to New
Forest Fruit

Nestled in the heart of the New Forest lives a team dedicated to growing some of the juiciest and tastiest strawberries, soft fruit and asparagus in the country.

You’ll find our fruit on shelves of leading supermarkets, farm shops and in the kitchens of many of the south coasts best restaurants.

With fruit that’s so good, we’ve created a new healthy fruity snack with a difference.

A bag of Strawberry flavoured New Forest Fruit Snacks resting on a strawberry plant.
A worker from New Forest Fruit Snacks, holding two punnets of fresh strawberries.

About New Forest Fruit

New Forest Fruit combines the latest farming technologies and a microclimate that’s simply perfect for growing the sweetest soft fruit you’ll find.

By continually fine tuning our growing process, we’re able to harvest our fruit from March through to November meaning you can enjoy that taste of summer pretty much all year round.

Our award-winning fruit is recognised by the New Forest Marque and Hampshire Fare, a stamp of approval for produce that is truly grown, harvested and packed right here in the New Forest.

New Forest Marque Hampshire Fare

Sandy: Fruit Aficionado

Strawberry lover and fruit aficionado, Sandy Booth is the driving force behind New Forest Fruit. His passion for producing only the best seasonal fruit and in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.

Sandy heads up a diverse and skilled team of over 400 people. Not satisfied with growing sweet juicy strawberries, raspberries or asparagus, his vision has seen the launch of New Forest Fruit Snacks.

A photo of Sandy from New Forest Fruit Snacks, holding six bags of their dried strawberry snack.
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Being in the heart of a national park we know just how important limiting our impact on the environment is. From a 'table top’
growing technique that uses less water, to harnessing solar energy or creating wildlife corridors that help pollenate our fruit.

we use wonky and misshapen fruit

Solar Powered

Compostable Packaging

Pulsed dried
Fruit Tech

Our New Forest Fruit Snacks are unique.

We use a ‘pulse drying process’ that zaps all the moisture from the fruit but magically locks in all the flavour and nutrients.

They’re then sealed for complete freshness so you can enjoy that taste of New Forest fruit on the go or sprinkled on cereals.

For a bit more fruity wizardry pop them into a drink to create a whole new taste infusion.

Video Icon Pulsed Dried Process

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