A Healthy Game-Changer for the UK Market

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A Healthy Game-Changer for the UK Market

With obesity rates rising in the UK, many are turning to healthier snacking alternatives. The innovative team at New Forest Fruit Snacks have come up with a fantastic solution, which is healthy and delicious too, and ideal to add to kids’ lunch boxes or take to the office.


New Forest Fruit Snacks is based in Beaulieu, Hampshire, in the heart of the New Forest National Park. The farm spans 80 hectares, producing around 5,000 tonnes of British Strawberries during the season. The fruit is sold to major supermarkets, local greengrocers, farm shops and distributors.


CEO and fruit aficionado Sandy Booth and his team have been working relentlessly over the past 3-years, researching and developing behind the scenes to produce a healthy snack bursting with strawberry deliciousness unlike any other available! The official launch party was in June and was attended by local chefs, wine producers, social media bloggers, and local press members. Also, other local businesses are part of a supportive business community within the forest.


Pioneering technology is used to “pulse” food items but to put it simply - pulsing splits the cells of the strawberry and pushes out any excess water. The berries are then frozen before being freeze-dried. This produces a delicious snack, like the texture of a meringue which can be eaten on the go or crushed and sprinkled and added to oats or breakfast cereals. Plus, the berries don’t contain any added fruit juice, sweeteners, or preservatives and are 100% natural, so the packet only contains 30 calories. Each pack has the equivalent of approximately 120g of fresh fruit.


Unlike only freeze-dried fruit, when you put a pulsed berry into a liquid, it will come back to life and rehydrate, which makes it an ideal addition to sparkling water for a super fruity flavour. Or, if you have something to celebrate … a glass of fizz! Hey presto, within a fewseconds, you have your very own champagne strawberry! Crushed pulsed berries can also be added to a dark chocolate hot chocolate for a naturally sweet twist.


One of Sandy’s main priorities within the business is being as environmentally friendly andsustainable as possible. To achieve this, he worked with Parkside (pioneers in sustainable, flexible packaging innovation and development) to produce a fully compostable packet thatdecomposes within 26 weeks and is GMO and PLA-free. Also, because the fruit is grown and processed on the farm, the production qualifies for zero food miles.  

Available Now

So, if you are interested in a healthy, sustainable snack produced by a local British grower, you can purchase online or at shops local to the New Forest. Or you can contact the NFFS team by calling 01950 612979 or emailing hello@newforestfruitsnacks.com

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