Top 3 ways to enjoy

Raspberry fruit decoration Stawberry fruit decoration
Top 3 ways to enjoy

On the go

If you ask our chief strawberry expert & CEO Sandy, his favourite way to enjoy our pulsed dried fruity snacks – there will be only one answer – straight out of the packet! A great healthy alternative when you need an on-the-go snack.

Two people sat at a table sharing a bag of New Forest Fruit Snacks strawberries.


Got something to celebrate?! Pop a few pulsed berries into a glass of your favourite fizzy tipple to see the berries come to life as they rehydrate … & more importantly soak up whatever drink you choose – perfect to get the party started.

A glass of champagne with New Forest Fruit Snacks strawberries infusing inside.


Pop the contents of a packet in your blender to create a powder that is nothing short of a taste sensation for your taste buds! Great for sprinkling on cereal, on desserts, on milkshakes, over buttercream...

Two glasses of a strawberry dessert with New Forest Fruit Snacks sprinkled on the top.
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